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Ten reasons to book your holiday in Rome at Relais Pierret

Why choose Relais Pierret. Booking is simple and you only pay at the end of your stay

  1. No Intermediary
    If you book on our website you will not have any intermediation costs because you will be speaking directly to Relais Pierret . Booking is easy and fast without any commission to tour operators.

  2. Best price, conditions of payment and security
    If you book on our website, you will always get the best price. We guarantee that if you find a lower price on other sites, we will adjust ours, but that is not all: read all about best price. On our website, your credit card is requested only to guarantee your booking, no money is charged to it. All information posted on our website, including credit card information, is safe, secure and inaccessible to third parties.

  3. Free cancellation
    If you book directly on our website you will be able to make use of an unbeatable cancellation policy compared to other websites. You can cancel your booking up to 1 week before your arrival without any charges.

  4. Guaranteed upgrade
    If you book directly on our website, you will always be able to have a guaranteed upgrade if one is available on your arrival: you will be offered a higher grade of suite at no extra costs.

  5. Late Check-Out
    If you book directly on our website, you can keep your room up to 15.00 (subject to availability and to be confirmed on the morning of your check-out), and you will be also able to leave your luggage in our deposit.

  6. Direct contact with the establishment
    On Relais Pierret website, all bookings are definitively and speedily confirmed; you will also receive priceless advice for your vacation and useful information for a trouble-free stay.

  7. A quality service
    Relais Pierret guarantees a careful selection and management of its employees. Our staff works in our Roman establishment in Piazza di Spagna and know Rome well. For this reason, booking on our website offers the guarantee of a better planning of your stay and a more enjoyable vacation.

  8. Transparency
    If you book on our website, you will have the guarantee of the quality promised: every description and photograph is authentic. You can check your booking confirmation at any time and access exclusive special offers only available on-line by joining our Club with personalized discounts for your next stays.

  9. Free wi-fi
    If you book on our website, you will be able to access our free internet services throughout the entire establishment. Your smartphones and notebooks will be always connected at high speed.

  10. Hotel Eco Friendly
    If you book on our website, you will help Relais Pierret to have a better chance to invest in respecting the environment. In fact, we are developing a plan for the transformation of our rooms and suites into an "eco-hotel" with eco-technologies for energy saving, reducing CO2 emissions, reducing the consumption of water and carrying out the proper differentiated disposal of waste to increase recycling.

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